Chris Voss – Artist Statement — Voss Art Studio

Chris Voss – Artist Statement

Christopher Voss’s body of art works consist of internal reflections addressing physical, psychological and spiritual proximities in relation to the contemporary home. Voss has been developing ideas constructed through dioramas or “boxed- in” narratives and environments which contain causal scenes that have parts hidden by taped paper fragments. The process is a great way to either eliminate an unwanted object, or to reinvent the narrative altering its appearance or remembrance, thus its story. For Voss, making art becomes a way to access and assess his own roles and responsibilities as a Father and a way to confront cyclical ills of his own modeled past through his visual accountabilities. These “boxed scenes” further act, for the artist, as conduits that allow a connection to others as the landscape and subjects become part of a collective narrative.

Voss has most recently been working in a more direct way as he further studies the causes and effects of narratives, as objects act as surrogates for idea or story being told. By painting fragmented parts onto a solid background Voss further dialogs and reflects on fragments or parts as being unified onto a permanent ground. The fragmented parts, with anatomical, metaphysical, and psychological imagery, become interactive and communal thus creating a sense of cohesive and conflicting narratives, and recollections. The fragments can be viewed as parts that have escaped a tumultuous environment in order to risk another refuge, a diagrammatical conversation between the separate parts, a dialectical or a causal construction. In these works the painted tape adds a sense of illusionistic permanence as well as a fragile impermanence in the work.